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  Abbreviations & Acronyms Worksheets
To generate an "Abbreviations & Acronyms" worksheet or list, simply follow the steps below:
Step 1: choose one of the following options
 "Write the abbreviations/acronyms for the words".
 "Write the meanings of the abbreviations/acronyms".
 Create a list of abbreviations/acronyms and their meanings.
Step 2: select terms
Select 28 of the following for one page, up to 56 for two pages.
A.M or a.m Apr. Aug. Ave.
B.A. B.S. Blvd. CD-Rom
CIA Co. D.C. D.D.S.
Dec. Dr. FBI Feb.
Fri. G.M.T. Gen. HQ.
Hon. IQ Inc. Jan.
Jr. Lt. M.A. M.D.
M.S. Mar. Mon. Mr.
Nov. Oct. P.M. or p.m. Ph.D
Prof. Rd. Rep. Rev.
Rte. Sat. Sept. Sr.
St. Sun. TV Thurs.
Tues. U.K. U.S.A. URL
VCR Wed. a.s.a.p. cc:
e.g. enc. etc. inc.
mpg mph no. re:
Step 3: add a "heading" to your page (optional)
The text you type in the following box will appear at the top of the page.
This can be used to give directions to your students, give a name to the exercise...
Step 4: generate the worksheet / list
On the generated worksheet, click on the to generate a new one.
Use the to generate the "Answer Key".

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