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Teaching-Tools: "Teaching made easier!"

"Quickly generate an almost infinite number of printable worksheets and their answer keys."

Whether you are a TEACHER tired of buying practice books to reinforce the skills you have taught, or a PARENT in need of extra practice for your child, "TEACHING-TOOLS" was designed for you!
Using "Teaching-tools" worksheets generators you'll be able to quickly generate an almost infinite number of printable worksheets and their answer keys.
Math worksheets generator Math Worksheets

This section contains "tools" to generate math practice worksheets. These include addition and multiplication tables with exercises; whole numbers, decimal and fraction operations worksheets; matching exercises for math terms, geometry terms and "story problems" clue words; an "identifying geometry shapes" exercise, and an ordered pairs (coordinates) exercise.
Geography worksheets generator Geography Worksheets

Here you will find outline maps to print or use online; matching exercises for map reading terms, geography terms, states, capitals and countries; lists of states, capitals and countries for study usage; an exercise consisting in writing geography terms and drawing their representations; and more...
English worksheets generator Language Arts

Here you will find definition lists, matching exercises for grammar terms and "parts of speech"; noun plurals worksheets; text and word scramblers (including suggestions for practice exercises); an "identify the parts of speech" exercise; an "antonyms, homonyms, synonyms" exercise; a grammar tool to make your own sentences-based worksheet exercises.

Printable Graph Paper

This graph maker gives you the capability to make a custom chart or graph. You can choose the number of columns and rows, the width of the columns, the height of the rows, as well as the color and thickness of the lines.
  Parents/Teachers Tips

This section contains various tips and ideas for parents and teachers: classroom management tips, selecting a book for your student or child, helping your child with reading, communicating between teachers and parents, helping your child with homework...
  Recommended Books

Here you will find lists of recommended books for students, a list of the most popular teacher books for resources & ideas, and books recommended for parents to help their children become more successful in school.

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